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Services: IT Audit, IT Security Audit, Network Security Audit, Penetration Test, and Compliance Audit.

IT security audit company with Certified Auditors.  Meet security and compliance requirements.



Every engagement is unique. We are happy to customize our audit services to your specific needs.
IT audit, network security audit

IT Audit, Network Security Audit, Penetration Test
Altius IT's IT audit, network security audit, Penetration Test reviews your administrative, physical, and technical controls that protect your systems and data. Our IT audit and network security audit provides a 360 degree view of risks and identifies threats to your network and data.  Our proprietary IT audit and network security audit process ensures your sensitive data remains secure.

Cyber security audit

Cyber Security Audit Penetration Test
Altius IT's cyber security audit performs a controlled external real-life evaluation and penetration test of your firewalls, network entry points, and public IP addresses for security issues that allow hackers access to your systems and data. Our cyber security audit uses a proprietary process to ensure your systems and data remain secure.

Website security testing

Artificial Intelligence Application Audit, AI Application Audit
Altius IT's Artificial Intelligence application audit evaluates your AI application to ensure it includes the required security and privacy controls and meets the requirements specified in the White House AI Bill of Rights - Making Automated Systems Work for the American People and the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Artificial Intelligence Risk Management Framework.

Website security testing

Website Security Testing, Website Security Audit, Penetration Test
Altius IT's website security audit and website security testing penetration test evaluates your web application security for weaknesses such as SQL injection, cross site scripting, buffer overflow, authentication, encryption issues, and other vulnerabilities.  Our proprietary website security testing methodology includes manual processes and automated tools to find vulnerabilities and configuration issues.

Privacy audit Privacy Audit
Altius IT's privacy audit helps ensure your organization operates with transparency, providing openness and clarity to all activities concerning the capture, collection, dissemination, and use of sensitive information.
Compliance audit Compliance Audit
Altius IT's compliance audit evaluates your administrative, physical, and technical safeguards and controls to ensure they meet security and compliance requirements: HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR, FFIEC, FTC, FACTA, NIST, ISO, ITAR, FISMA, and many others.  Combine our compliance audit with an IT audit, network security audit, cyber security audit, or website security audit.
Risk assessment

Risk Assessment
Altius IT's risk assessment identifies your assets, threats to the assets, vulnerabilities, and controls and safeguards needed to adequately and cost effectively protect your systems and data.  Risk assessment preventive, detective, and corrective security controls ensure your systems and sensitive data remain secure.

Mobile application security audit

Mobile Application Security Audit Penetration Test
Altius IT's mobile application security audit penetration test identifies security vulnerabilities related to your mobile application, interfaces to servers, databases, firewalls, and internal server configurations.  Our mobile application security audit proprietary methodology includes manual processes and penetration testing.

Social engineering security assessment

Social Engineering Security Assessment
Your staff can create risks. Our social engineering security assessment evaluates the effectiveness of your security awareness and education program so you can better protect your valuable assets.  Our social engineering security assessment benchmarks your organization against industry averages.

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Success Stories

Altius IT's success stories show you how we have helped organizations ensure their
systems are secure, meet security best practice requirements, and achieve compliance.

If You Want a "Security Audit" You Need a Certified Auditor

Certified Information Systems Auditors

Certified Information Systems Auditors
Unlike a security consultant, Altius IT is certified as a Certified Information Systems Auditor to perform a security audit of your environment and issue reports and recommendations to secure your systems. After your audit, Altius IT's Auditor Opinion Letter and Secure Seal let your clients and prospects know you meet security best practice/compliance requirements.

See our In the News page for video clips of our experts on national television as well as over 40 publications featuring Altius IT. In addition to our auditor certifications we hold many security, technical, and project management credentials.  More information is available on our About Us page.

Our comprehensive audit service uncovers gaps in your existing defenses so that you can better:

  • Fortify your information systems, applications, and network infrastructure
  • Comply with regulatory requirements
  • Protect your valuable assets

Assurance and Security Audit Services

Network security audit company Network Security Audit Company
Certified security audit
Cyber security audit
Network security audit
Penetration test
Risk assessment
Security testing
Social engineering security assessment

IT Security Audit Company
AI Application Audit
Data security audit
IT audit
IT security audit
Mobile software application security audit
Network security assessment
Security assurance
Web application security audit
Website security audit
Website security testing
  Compliance security audit company Compliance Audit Company
Information assurance
Privacy audit
Security compliance

Consulting Services Company
Custom consulting service
Cyber security consulting
Network security consulting
Network audit
Network assessment

Service Locations

Altius IT's services are provided throughout the United States and in selected international countries.
Our corporate HQ is located in Orange County California between Los Angeles and San Diego.
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