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Website Security Testing, Website Security Audits and Penetration Test.

Website security company with Certified Auditors.

Website Security Testing ,Web Application Security Audit, Penetration Test

Every engagement is unique. We are happy to customize our audit services to your specific needs.
Website security testing

Website Security Testing, Web Application Security Audit, Penetration Test
Emulating the approach used by hackers, Altius IT's website security testing and web application security audit performs a controlled real-life evaluation of your web applications, websites, and web servers. Our experts evaluate your systems for over 35,000 types of vulnerabilities including SQL injection, authentication, encryption, buffer overflow, cross site scripting, web server configuration issues, and many others. Our website security testing and web application security audit report identifies specific vulnerabilities and provides detailed instructions to mitigate or eliminate each risk. Altius IT benchmarks your organization against a number of security control frameworks and related guidance including NIST, ISO 27001, ISO 27018, etc.

Audit and Penetration Test Report
Altius IT's website security audit and penetration test report provides specific recommendations and detailed steps you can take to address any identified security vulnerabilities. After delivery of our reports, Altius IT provides three months of free support to answer any questions you may have. This ensures your security vulnerabilities are properly mitigated or eliminated.

Certified Auditor Letter
Let your clients and prospects know that you are secure.  As an IT security audit company with Certified Information Systems Auditors, we can provide you with our Auditor Opinion Letter stating your systems meet security and compliance requirements.

Audit Team
Altius IT provides a certified auditor with each engagement:

  • Certified Information Systems Auditor
  • Experienced Project Manager
  • Senior Security Engineer

Our proposal provides you with detailed information so you know exactly how we will help you:

  • Project scope and tasks
  • Pricing options
  • CV's of our audit and security team members
  • Sample reports you will receive
  • Why Altius IT

Client Experience
Altius IT works with a diverse number of clients across a wide range of industries.  We help organizations of all sizes, from the smallest mom and pop start-up to the world's largest and most recognized names.  Our case studies show how we have helped organizations identify, manage, and reduce their risks.

If You Want a "Security Audit" You Need a Certified Auditor

Certified Information Systems Auditors

Certified Information Systems Auditors
Unlike a security consultant, Altius IT is certified as a Certified Information Systems Auditor to perform a security audit of your environment and issue reports and recommendations to secure your systems. After your audit, Altius IT's Auditor Opinion Letter and Secure Seal let your clients and prospects know you meet security best practice/compliance requirements.

See our In the News page for video clips of our experts on national television as well as over 40 publications featuring Altius IT. In addition to our auditor certifications, we hold many security, technical, and project management credentials.  More information is available on our About Us page.

Our comprehensive audit service uncovers gaps in your existing defenses so that you can better:

  • Fortify your information systems, applications, and network infrastructure
  • Comply with regulatory requirements
  • Protect your valuable assets

Assurance and Security Audit Services

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Certified security audit
Cyber security audit
Network security audit
Penetration test and penetration testing
Risk assessment
Security testing
Social engineering security assessment

IT Security Audit Company
Data security audit
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IT security audit
Mobile software application security audit
Network security assessment
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Web application security audit
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  Compliance security audit company Compliance Audit Company
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Privacy audit
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Consulting Services Company
Custom consulting service
Cyber security consulting
Network security consulting
Network audit
Network assessment

Service Locations

Altius IT's services are provided throughout the United States and in selected international countries.
Our corporate HQ is located in Orange County California between Los Angeles and San Diego.
Contact us and we will help you choose the right audit.

Why Altius IT


Proven solutions that deliver value

Trusted for over 20 years to provide faster and more accurate diagnosis of security issues. We understand that itís not what we say, itís what we find that matters. 

Clear Independence
Altius IT has no constricting ties and no conflicts of interest. We are dedicated and responsive to our clients, allowing Altius IT to make recommendations that are aligned with your risk tolerance.

Cost Effective Recommendations
Altius ITís proprietary services provide a thorough 360 degree review of your risks. Our recommendations provide a clear description of risks found and as well as cost effective steps to secure your systems.

We know your industry.  Altius IT has over 20 years of security audit experience in every type of industry from small public firms to large government agencies.

Peer Awards and Recognition
Altius ITís experts are recognized by our peers as leaders in our field. Our staff has been elected by our peers into industry leadership roles and on the Board of Directors of international and national associations.

Best of Breed
Altius ITís security audit services have been featured on MSNBC and in over 40 publications including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Business Week, the Los Angeles Times, and many others. See us In the News.

Highest Caliber Audit Team
Altius IT answers to global certifying bodies so you can be assured that all audits and recommendations are made under the highest level of quality, reliability, and thoroughness.