What to do if You've Been Hacked

Hackers, competitors, crime syndicates, and nation states all want your data. It is important to have security safeguards and controls but what do you do if you've been hacked?

Incident Response Plan

Every organization should have a formal Incident Response Policy and an Incident Response Plan. These documents provide a managed approach to responding to a security incident. In addition to other relevant factors, ensure your Incident Response Plan includes:

During the process staff should document decisions and actions taken including:

The Incident Response Plan should include steps to determine if the security breach did, or will in the future, result in harm to the individuals whose information was breached. Situations where there is a presumption that no reasonable risks exist include: the breached data was rendered unusable, unreadable, or indecipherable through a security technology (e.g. encryption) or methodology generally accepted in the information security industry.


In some instances notice about the breach is required to be made to various individuals, organizations, and agencies:

Steps Consumers Can Take

If your data breach included consumer information, individuals can take these steps to minimize their future risks:

Additional Resources
Additional information on identity theft, security safeguards, and templates:

All it takes is one security breach to compromise your data. Network security audits help organizations identify, manage, and reduce their risks of a data breach by ensuring the proper security controls are in place.

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