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Risk Assessment

Better Assurance Through Better Risk Assessments

Altius IT's risk assessment identifies the controls and safeguards needed to adequately and cost effectively protect your critical or sensitive assets.  Our comprehensive and investigative risk assessment process uses a proven approach to identifying, managing, and reducing your risks:

  • Assets – identify assets and other resources, assign assets to major asset classifications

  • Threats – identify threats to the assets and organize into threat categories

  • Vulnerabilities – identify and document potential vulnerabilities resulting from the threats

  • Impact – identify the impact to your organization and your clients, suppliers, and business partners

Risk Assessment Controls
Altius IT will perform a risk analysis and evaluate risks including the likelihood of various threat exploits. The risk analysis identifies areas for security compliance as well as gaps that may be exploited by insider and outsider attacks.

Altius IT will review the various threats and identify and document safeguards and controls that reduce risks to acceptable levels.

Our risk analysis identifies specific administrative, physical, and technical safeguards that protect data and manage information security risks.

Altius IT provides a formal and documented IT Risk Management Plan that includes an IT Risk Treatment Plan of your top risks.

Representative Experience
Our unique approach to identifying hidden threats and gaps is the reason we’ve been trusted by leading organizations and government institutions for over 15 years.

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