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Network Security Audit

Altius IT is a network security audit and security consulting firm. Our IT audit services include network security audit, compliance audit,  website security audit, penetration testing, risk assessment, and forensic investigations.

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All it takes is one security breach.  Altius IT helps you find and eliminate your security risks.  Contact us and we'll help you choose the right audit.   Our corporate HQ is located in Orange County California between Los Angeles and San Diego. Our audit services are provided throughout the U.S. 


> On-site Security Audit
> Protect Network & Data
> 360 Degree View of Risks

Altius IT's network security audit reviews your technology systems, people, and processes to identify threats to your network and data.  Our proprietary security testing process ensures your sensitive data remains secure.

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IT Audit, Network Audit, Performance and Reliability
Our network audit service includes an IT audit and network assessment to ensure maximum system performance, network reliability, and staff productivity.  Ask us how our IT audit can help you.


> Network Penetration Testing
> External Security Assessment
Website Security Audit

Altius IT's external network security audit performs a controlled real life evaluation and penetration test of your firewalls and network for security issues that allow hackers access to your internal network.

Our website security audit evaluates your web application security for weaknesses such as SQL injection, cross site scripting, buffer overflow, and other vulnerabilities.  Ask us about our website security testing services.


Our compliance audit services help you meet regulatory requirements.

Risk Assessment
Altius IT's risk assessment identifies the controls and safeguards needed to adequately and cost effectively protect your critical or sensitive assets.

Social Engineering
Your staff can create risks.  Our social engineering assessment  evaluates the effectiveness of your security awareness and education program so you can better protect your valuable assets.